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Studio838 is a movement in the iconized image world, that is pushing and blurring the lines of apparent vogue that hold fine art from commercial art. We are a 'community of thought', a unified identity of spirit and planed amalgamation of idea branching through its members with the full spectrum of their individually tinted talent, applied to the technique and methods of their art. We have a shared human quality, a reticent regard for what has been before and a rapt curiosity about what is next, for what is going on and a need to express it.

Founding photographer and original member Ashutosh Gupta, has taken a small cadre of brilliant young artists, and discovered a collective, studio838. He now brings the evolution of a collective dynamic to bear on the  commercial art world with the young elite of 838.


914 N. Fairfax #203, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Ash Gupta mobile 805.217.5245
Alex Barakat mobile 818.679.2523
Office: 323.482.1053

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